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Geomyra Pollard

Geomyra Pollard is a well-rounded life + biz coach and course creator for creatives that aspire to create and live with grace, passion, and purpose. Through her coaching firm, Coaching for Creatives, Geomyra finds joy as the strategic support and encouragement for entrepreneurs seeking a thriving business and a well-rounded life! She was recognized as one of HoneyBook’s 20 On The Rise business coaches based on empowerment, impact, purpose, and passion. As a former wedding planner and designer, she uses her fourteen years of experience and formal education to coach clients, so they may focus on what matters most. Geomyra is the host of the top-rated weekly podcast, A Well-Rounded Life, and owns the online shop, Living Well-Rounded Merch Boutique. Geomyra considers it a blessing and her calling to educate, coach, and encourage determined small business owners and boss moms. She is a systems and workflows guru, lover of handbags, can’t live without dessert, and is always ready to use her passport. Geomyra is married to her high school sweetheart and is the proud mama of favorite daughter Payton and favorite son Jackson.

Systems for Your Creative Biz was designed for you if:

  • You're ready to reclaim your time so that you may focus on what matters most

  • You're tired of re-inventing the wheel with each new project/client

  • You're feeling overwhelmed trying to manage it all by yourself

  • You're ready to scale and elevate your business

The Game Plan

Let's Dive Into:

  • 1


  • 2

    Systems 101

    • Systems 101

    • The What, Why, Who, When of Systems

  • 3

    Laying the Groundwork

    • No Excuses

    • Tools & Resources Download

    • Curating a First Draft

  • 4

    Get to Work

    • Let's Get it Done!

    • Navigating the Template

    • Systems Template

  • 5

    Next Steps

    • Outsourcing & Building a Team

    • Where to Ask for Help

    • Resources to Build Your Team

  • 6

    You Did it!

    • You Did it- Congrats!

    • When to Make Adjustments

  • 7

    Helpful Resources & Bonuses

    • Podcast Episodes to Check Out

    • Work With Me Privately

    • Systems for Your Sanity

    • Ultimate Resources Guide

  • 8

    Feedback & Staying Connected

    • Let's Hear it!

    • Join Our Community


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  • What is Systems for Your Creative Biz (SFYCB) and who is it for?

    Systems for Your Creative Biz is a course for those that are seeking a streamlined approach to curating and implementing systems within their creative business. The course is designed to help you implement systems related to the tasks that take place from client inquire to offboarding and follow-up.

  • I'm just starting my business. Is it too soon to implement systems?

    Absolutely not! In fact, you will greatly benefit from the course as you will be able to start from scratch and build a solid foundation for your business. The course will help you set great business practices as you take your biz to the next level!

  • I've been in business for years. Is it too late to create a system?

    No way! Businesses are always evolving and growing! Let's get a solid system in place so you can move from worker-bee in your business to visionary!

  • I’m already so busy! I don’t have time to add something else to my plate.

    Have no worries! Believe me, I know the pressures of trying to manage all the things while still trying to get ahead. Because I know you don’t have time to waste, I intentionally created the course to be consumed in one to two settings.

  • I really enjoyed the course. How can I work with Geomyra one-on-one?

    I would love the opportunity to work with you as you take your biz to the next level! Please send an email to [email protected] and let's schedule a complimentary chat!

  • Can you guarantee results and I’m I able to get a refund?

    The short answer is “no.” However, we are confident with the content that is included within the course. If you have any questions or concerns that we may answer, please send an email to [email protected] and let’s chat.

  • What are your terms of service?

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  • How may I stay connected with new courses and additional content available?

    Be sure to join our email community (The Weekly Roundup) by checking out Check out our weekly podcast via

  • This all sounds so good! How do I signup?

    Head over to and let’s get started!

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